From Principles into Practice

A Business Transformation Model for New Growth

Digital Transformation Canvas

A comprehensive strategising toolkit with a step-by-step guide to Digital Transformation and a compilation of case studies from top companies in the world.

The Digital Transformation Canvas is a comprehensive toolkit for strategising and implementing digital transformation for business.

The canvas is developed from the case studies of top 20 companies that have successfully completed digital transformation in the past 10 years according to a study published by Harvard Business Review.

Included in this book are the best practice stories from both global companies such as Netflix, Adobe, Amazon, Ping An, Nestle, Stripe, 23andMe.

Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, an executive of a big enterprise, an owner of an SME, a startup, or a non-profit organisation, this book will help you:

understand what digital transformation means and how it can help your business achieve new growth;

learn to use the 9-step guide of Digital Transformation Canvas from 10 case studies of top companies in Thailand and in the world;

learn to use the 5Ds model to achieve digital transformation;

know where to begin and how to successfully complete digital transformation;

measure the success of digital transformation using the success indicator survey.

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Thanapongphan Thanyarattakul

  • The author of Digital Transformation in Action: A Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming Business in the Digital Age

  • A Digital Transformation Consultant for big enterprises, SMEs and government agencies with more than 10 years of experiences

  • Invited to speak about digital transformation at more than 200 organisations including AIA. Bangchak, Bangpu, BBL, BDMS, BigC, BJC, CP ALL, PTT, Sansiri, SCB, SCG, TESCO, Chulalongkorn University, Thammasart University, and other educational institutions and government agencies.

  • Founder of Digital Transformation Academy